This is a series


~ Born Gale Hanley

~ Straight or wavy, waist length or neck length, brown hair with black roots, bangs

~ Sunglasses!!!!!!!

~ Really good vision (So good that she can see the individual faces of passengers in a moving subway; so good that she feels like she’s running into water droplets when it rains) [20/5 vision]

~ Very sensitive to light, dust, wind, etc.

~ Height: 5`5 (or maybe a bit shorter) or 168 cm

~ Age: 19

~ Eyes: Amber

~ Really strong

~ In denial about killing intent?


~ Born Abi Jenkins

~ Gale’s older half-sister (same mother)

~ “Killed” by Dr. Carrion

~ An “outspoken” individual

~ Power revolves around happiness and such to incapacitate people in various ways

~ If she’s in despair of some sort, she can incapacitate people with their fears and feeling of dread

~ Uses her power on Gale all the time, mainly to end arguments

~ Height: Taller than Gale

~ Age: Five years older than Gale

~ Was dead for 2 minutes, but was secretly brought back to life by the Company and stayed in rehabilitation for a few months

~ When Abi’s brain function returned, none of the doctors or nurses could go near her. They called Emma in, who had to use her powers on herself first, to get close to Abi, and then on Abi to calm her down.

~ After rehabilitation, she trained for a few months

~ Has a special relationship with Emma


~ Born Devyn Adler

~ Part of a large adoptive family (Five brothers and six sisters, consisting of four older brothers, four older sisters, one younger brother and two younger sisters?)

~ Very open family, meaning he isn't embarrassed by much

~ Cylindrical motor lodged in his chest that is connected to his circulatory system. Makes piston noises when he uses his powers.

~ Height: 6` something

~ Age: 21

~ Alternate existence made possible through his mind powers; this alternate him commits crimes


~ She can sense/read emotions

~ She can manipulate emotions (i.e. change the priority)

~ Can't work with emotions that are too powerful. Sometimes she is overcome by the emotion.

~ Height: Average

~ Age: 18

~ Helped tend to Abi and kept it a secret from everyone

~ Has a special relationship with Abi


~ Two inches taller than Sara

~ Personality: Think Nagato [MoHS] ,Sakaki [Azumanga], Iwasaki [Lucky Star], etc.

~ Very frank sometimes

~ Age: 17

~ Can physically control people like puppets


~ Two inches shorter than Cécile

~ Personality: Contrasts Cécile's

~ Short temper

~ Age: 16

~ Able to control Cecile

~ Power: ????

~ Weapon: A “rich-person’s” cane; with a sword in it. There is a seal on it.


~ The Head Director

~ In his early to mid 20s in the year of 1912 (When New Mexico became a state)?

~ Born 1888?

~ Very bushy eyebrows

~ Eyelids black

~ Eye color: Icy blue-gray

~ The power to modify

~ Full name Abraham Joseph [Name of company]


~ One of the two Head Director's children that survived

~ Enjoys irony

~ Age: 19

~ Likes being in control

~ Twin of Eileen

~ Dr. Carrion’s apprentice

~ Able to move things from one location to another


~ One of the two children of the Head Director that survived

~ Enjoys irony

~ European accent?

~ Age: 19

~ Likes being in control

~ Twin of Lyle

~ Dr. Carrion’s apprentice

~ People don’t get along with her

~ Able to move things from one location to another


~ Killed Head Director and most of his children???

~ Killed Abi a few hours before the Head Director???

~ Likes cream cheese

~ Carrion flowers in his lab

~ Secret rooms in his lab

~ Head of Biological Research

~ Ultimate counter-attacker (Can even dodge bullets)???

~ Power to control your concentration?

~ Power to redirect energy in his body?

~ A sickly baby?


~ Wears a mask of the theatre or festival variety

~ Mask mostly has an expression of happiness to contradict her sad state

~ Powers: ????

12)  ??? CENTURY

~ Russian descent??

~ Talented ventriloquist

~ Owns a burlap trench coat

~ Cannot be visually recorded? (vampires with no reflection)

~ Vampire inspired powers???


~ 7-10 years old ??

~ Height: 3’4

~ Hiro’s younger sister

~ Acts as Hiro’s consciousness

~ Looks like a doll and can fit in ventriloquist dummy’s case

~ Sleeps with her eyes open

~ Can lower her body temperature, go into a coma-like state (ex. temporarily stop brain function), and mimic death-like symptoms in general (ex. temporarily stop her heart)

~ Can do the same to other people

14)  (Telepathic Girl)

~ One of Devyn’s younger(?) sisters

~ Master of telepathy

~ Speaks to everyone through telepathy [in a different voice because she doesn’t want anyone to her voice??]

~ Korean?

~ Age: 21

~ Wears turtlenecks


~ One of Devyn’s younger sisters

~ Twin of Edith

~ Age: 7

~ Height: 3’10

~ Actually 8 due to memory being erased (by their sister?)?


~ One of Devyn’s younger sisters

~ Twin of Sam

~ Age: 7

~ Height: 3’10

~ Actually 8 due to memory being erased (by their sister?)?


~ One of Devyn’s younger brothers

~Nicknamed by Sam and Edith

~ Has the ability to create viscous aura around him, to slow things down

~ Age: 8

~ Height: 4’1

18)  MYRA

~ Age: 16

~ Moving tattoo at the base of her neck, below the nape

~ Sturdier than an average human

~ Able to create barriers of various shapes depending on willpower and concentration

~ Uses leather gloves with hardened leather reinforcement at the base of the hand

~ Has hardened leather arm braces and shin guards hidden under her clothes


~ Age: 21

~ Uses large pistols as tonfa for weapons

~ Has lemur-like ears on top of his head

~ Prehensile tail

~ Pointy canines

~ Moving tattoo on the underside of his chin

~ Alternate sadistic personality

~ Can speak a strange tongue which makes anyone listening experience dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, and, in extreme cases, fainting or coma

~ Superhuman attributes


~ Age: 20

~ Able to see invisible forces such as gravity and magical energy

~ Strangely shaped pupils (actually multiple pupils)

~ Superhuman reflexes

~ Various magical abilities with light and dark properties

~ A falchion with a slightly curved blade, and handle in said blade, a stone in the pommel, and a bloodstained handle

~ Elemental attacks with her falchion

21)  ETHAN

~ Age: 26

~ Able to see invisible forces such as gravity and magical energy

~ Strangely shaped pupils (actually multiple pupils)

~ Superhuman reflexes

~ Able to control magical energy within him, which can be used in various ways, such as manipulating natural forces; has four ways to manipulate energy:

  • Starts with a certain

amount of energy which he uses until he depletes it. At this point he must build up energy again before using any

  • Has access to all

his energy

  • Can only build up

to a certain amount of energy to use, which must be used at the moment of build-up

  • Can built up to

any amount of energy 22)  APOLLO

~ Used to be homeless person that lived in front of the company building

~ Can heat up his hands to insane temperatures

23)  (That one guy in the Antarctic branch)

~ The only person in the Antarctic branch of the company


~ An adventurer of the days of old known for his valor


~ One of Devyn’s younger sisters

~ Age: 15

~ Can pass through objects by breaking apart (think Giriko when he was revealed as a weapon)

~ Can travel on the wind

26)  (Annabel)

~ One of Devyn’s older sisters

27)  (?)

~ Sam’s and Edith’s biological mother

~ She was always loving and caring to them, until the day she died. The twins (age: 4 or 5) brought her back to life impulsively. She was extremely mad because they had brought her back to life and almost killed the twins. The tenderness was a façade,

~ Actually a “demon”, waiting to die after an extremely long life

~ Wanted to be nice and motherly, but it wasn’t in her nature.

~ Sealed by the twin’s foster parents in their basement. Involved chains, magic scripture on the body, a blindfold, and a pit of dark red goo.

28)  (?)

~ Cecile’s father

~ Possessed by his wife. He’s the only one that can hear her voice.

~ Relays comments from his wife the others, when necessary.

29)  (?)

~ Cecile’s mother

~Possessed her husband.


~ Devyn’s foster mother

~ Can “listen to walls”, a sort of psychometry


~ Devyn’s foster father



~ Full name Ursula N Owen

~ Her strength is that of a normal superhuman

~ Neither dead nor alive

~ Pretty much immortal (doesn’t age)

~ Her body can be destroyed, but she can get a new one

~ The company building and a certain area around it is the only place she can be. If she exits this area, her body begins to rot.

~ Can turn on and off pain

~ Friends with the Head Janitor

~ Enemies with the Head Doorman

~ A 1:1 homunculus created by Dr. Carrion.


~ Used to work for the Agency

~ A detective for the local police

~ Smokes

~ Chokes people and makes them tell the truth